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New Website Wins Award

Written by Admin User // 23 April 2009

“New Website is a Great Hit”
The Indian Ocean Restaurant – Bar - Terrace scoop an award in a matter of days after new website going live. Adding to recent success the new website has been awarded the winner of the “eTameside awards 2008 - Most innovative use of ICT in a Local Business”

Owner, Nahim Aslam comments, “In-line with our commitment to providing our existing and future customers with the best possible service, we're proud to announce the launch of our brand new website and for recognition it has received so quickly. Re-developed from the ground up with a focus on expandability and user-friendliness.
As the award-winning 'Best Indian Restaurant in the North West', we strive to continuously enhance our customers' experiences, going all-out not just with our award-winning menus but across every aspect of our service. We don't want to just be known as 'that Indian restaurant with the amazing food', but also as 'the Indian restaurant which created its own online community and revolutionised the food industry'.
See for yourself at www.indianocean.co.uk 


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