Sizzlers and Shashlik

Our Sizzlers and Shashlik dishes are some of the most popular items on the menu at the Indian Ocean. For our Sizzlers, the meat of your choice is served piping hot and sizzling straight out of our clay tandoori ovens and is quite a spectacle when it arrives. You can add your favourite curry sauce to really get your taste-buds tingling. Or how about your tandoori meat spiced up with a delicious Shashlik sauce and served with tandoori peppers, onions and tomatoes?


The Meat of Your Choice

We have a wide range of meats available for your Sizzler or Shashlik dish…

Garlic Chicken - large, tender pieces of chicken breast marinated in garlic sauce and garnished with coriander. 

Chicken Harri Boti - Chunky grilled chicken thighs marinated in a yoghurt dressing delicately flavoured with lemon and garlic, then rolled in a blend of green leaves, herbs, fresh coriander, shallots and green chillies. 

Seekh Kebab - Barbecued finely minced lean lamb combined with onions and Indian spices. Quite a spicy dish. 

Irani Chicken Boti - Succulent, barbecued chicken thighs with a light and mildly spicy flavour. Reminiscent of an old Kashmiri recipe. 

Chicken Tikka - Juicy chicken breast marinated and cooked in the tandoor oven on a skewer. 

Kashmiri Chicken Tikka - A much spicier version of the ever-popular Chicken Tikka. Chicken thigh pieces are marinated in our unique blend of Madras spices. 

Tandoori Chicken - Chicken marinated and spiced with fresh herbs and spices, skewered and roasted, served with grilled green peppers and onions. Served with salad.

Lamb Chops - Fresh lamb chops marinated in tandoori spices with garlic and ginger.

Lamb Tikka - Generous chunks of tender lamb cooked in the tandoor on skewers. 

King Prawn Tikka - The highest quality king prawns in a lemon sauce with natural yoghurt and an assortment of exotic tandoori spices, skewered and charcoal grilled. 

Paneer Tikka - Marinated Indian cheese cubes served with onions and peppers and cooked in the Tandoor for an authentic charcoal flavour. A very spicy dish. 


Eat With Us 

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