Versatile Vegetables

For centuries, the people of the Indian subcontinent have used vegetables for their health benefits. Vegetables provide vital vitamins, fibre and nutrients, as well as immune-boosting antioxidants. But just because they’re good for you, it doesn’t mean they can’t taste great too. Our chefs have created a selection of stunning dishes to showcase the best that these versatile vegetables have to offer. Even better, if you like the look of one of our vegetarian mains, but don’t want a full portion, we can serve it as a side dish. Lentils? Cheese? Potatoes? There’s something for everyone...

What Does the Indian Ocean Restaurant Offer?

If you want a dish that’s only lightly spiced, the velvety and wonderful Sag Paneer is the perfect choice. Large, fresh cubes of Paneer cheese and spinach are cooked together in mild spices, creating a delicious flavour and aroma.

Our other Paneer dish is our slightly spicier Matter Paneer, which combines peas, fresh coriander, green chillies and selected herbs and spices.    

For our Palak Dal, the recipe is similar, but instead of paneer, our chefs take spring leaf spinach and yellow split lentils, and cook them with onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander, fenugreek, green chillies and an assortment of herbs and spices. 

Our Bombay Potatoes are one of the most popular dishes on the menu. Potatoes are cooked with medium strength spices and tomatoes, before being garnished with coriander and methi (fenugreek seeds). 

The second potato dish we offer is Aloo Channa; curried potatoes and chickpeas, garnished with coriander.

We’re proud of our Punjabi roots, which is why we offer Punjabi Potatoes. Soft and tender new potatoes are boiled and cooked in butter with salt, crushed black pepper, chilli flakes and spring onion. 

Tarka Dal is a simple dish, but one bursting with flavour. Lentils are cooked and sizzled in garlic sauce and then garnished with coriander. And that’s it. The simplest things are often the best. 

Last but not least our Onion Bhaji does what it says on the tin. You can’t go wrong with a staple of Indian cuisine.

Eat With Us

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