Traditional Main Courses

Our starters might be fantastic, but we know you’re really here for the main event. Whilst we have a range of Signature and House Specialities, we know that sometimes all you want is something traditional. It’s just as well that our skilled chefs have decades of experience in creating authentic Indian cuisine with genuine Indian character. We have a range of meat, vegetable and cheese fillings to choose from. Simply choose which one you’d like, match it with any of our traditional sauces and create your favourite curry. 



The quality of our meat, vegetables and paneer cheese makes choosing a difficult task! Which one will you pick?

Mixed Vegetables - tender seasonal vegetables

Chicken - pieces of finest quality chicken breast

Lamb - tender pieces of succulent lamb

Chicken and Mushroom - chunks of chicken breast and mushrooms 

Chicken Tikka - pieces of tender chicken marinated in our special tandoori spices 

Prawns - juicy prawns without their shells

Paneer - fresh Indian cheese

Lamb Tikka - lamb chunks marinated in tandoori spices

King Prawns - magnificent king prawns without their shells

Ocean Mix - our speciality combination of chicken, lamb and prawns



Now for the sauce. With ten options, you’re spoilt for choice. Will you go for a creamy Korma or challenge your taste-buds with a fiery Vindaloo?

Korma - a mild and creamy sauce made with ground almonds, coconut and thick cream. Perfect for people with a delicate palate, or those who are new to the world of curry and aren’t too sure where to start.

Samber - a fiery Parsee dish made with lentils and vegetables and garnished with coriander with a distinctive aroma.

Bhuna - for this dish, the spices are gently fried to bring out their flavour before being used in the recipe. Meats are cooked in their own juices with the spices, for deep strong flavours without much sauce.

Madras - a dish from southern India with a hot and spicy taste, prepared with tomato puree and fresh herbs.

Dopiaza - our chefs prepare onions in two ways for this dish. Small fried onions are used in the sauce, before larger chunks of lightly cooked onion are added when the rest of the dish is almost ready.

Vindaloo - one of the most famous Indian dishes, with an exceptionally hot and spicy taste. This south Indian dish is prepared with fresh herbs.

Rogan Josh - our authentic dish is delicately spiced. Its distinctive red colour is owed to the combination of sweet pimentos, capsicums and tomatoes. 

Patia - a rich, hot Persian dish which is full of flavour. Lightly fried onions are cooked with lots of tomatoes to create a red sweet and sour sauce.

Methi - taking its name from the Indian word for fenugreek, this medium strength dish has a distinctive taste and aroma. It also contains garam masala and onions. 

Nepali - perhaps the spiciest dish on our menu, you’d have to be brave to try this one. Cooked in the traditional style with garlic, tomato and lemon, the dish is given its heat by the quantity of fresh naga chillies and the ginger garnishing. The result is a very satisfying curry that’s somewhat similar to a Vindaloo. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted or beginners. 


Eat With Us

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