Perfect Puri and Platters

At perhaps the finest indian restaurant Tameside has to offer, the Indian Ocean, we have over twenty-five mouthwatering starters, including a selection of Puri dishes. But we’re often asked what Puri actually is. We thought we’d put together this quick guide to explain.

So What Is It?

Puri is a type of small, circular, hot, unleavened bread. It is extremely versatile and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and can either be served sweet or savoury. The bread also appears at special functions as part of ceremonial rituals. 

The Puri recipe is simple, but it’s taken our chefs years to perfect. We use either whole, coarse, or refined wheat flour, and, once the dough is ready, we roll it out into small circles, before frying. When Puris are fried, they puff up, because moisture in the dough changes into steam, which expands. When they’re golden in colour, we remove them and cover them with our signature spicy sauce. Then it’s up to you what else goes on. We offer five options;

  • Sag and Chicken Puri - served with flaked chicken pieces and spinach

  • Potato and Channa Puri - made with chickpeas and tender diced potato 

  • Chicken Tikka Chaat Puri - with delicious diced chicken tikka

  • Prawn Puri - served with curried glazed prawns

  • Chicken and Prawn Puri - the best of both worlds - tender flakes of chicken and curried glazed prawns      

If you can’t decide on a starter, Puri or otherwise, we also offer delectable sharing platters for two or four people, served with complementary salad and chutneys, which highlight the most popular starters on our extensive menu. 

Our Vegetable Platter contains Vegetable Samosa, Aloo Baison Tikki, Onion Bhaji, and Stuffed Peppers, whilst our popular Seafood Platter exhibits the best the ocean has to offer, including Lahori Fish, King Prawn Tikka, and Fish Pakora. On the Tandoori Platter, we serve Seekh Kebab, Chicken Harri Boti and Irani Chicken Boti. If you’d like to try the best of both worlds, the Ocean Wave Platter is the best choice, offering Lahori Fish, Irani Chicken Boti, Chicken Shashlik and Lamb Chops. Alternatively, try the Mixed Platter, with Chicken Tikka, Shami Kebab, Vegetable Pakora, and Stuffed Peppers. If none of these take your fancy, you can also create your own platter by choosing any four starters you wish.            

Eat With Us At The Indian Ocean 

If reading all about our starters has made you hungry to try them, book now and join us tonight for an unforgettable meal!