Tasty Tikka at the Indian Ocean

At the Indian Ocean, we serve a range of delicious tandoori tikka dishes. Not only do they taste fantastic, they’re also some of the healthiest Indian dishes available.

Why are they so healthy?

Traditional tikka dishes, like those we serve at the Indian Ocean, are cooked in a vertical tandoor, meaning that any fat in the meat runs down into the base of the oven. The chicken becomes tender and succulent, but loses most of the fat that would be present if the meat had been fried. When we serve the chicken on its own, without one of our creamy sauces, we produce a dish reduced in fat, but certainly not reduced in flavour. 

What’s what in the world of tandoori?

Just because our tikka dishes are healthy, it definitely doesn’t mean they’re unappetising and unflavoured! We’ve spent 25 years perfecting every dish on our menu and our tandoori tikka dishes are no different. We’ve tried and tested all of them, incorporating several different Indian styles, so that we can provide you with everything that you would expect from us.

We’ve compiled this guide to the different types of tandoori tikka to help you decide what you’d like next time you visit: 

Chicken Tikka: One of the most popular dishes on our menu, we make our regular Chicken Tikka by marinating chicken breasts in yoghurt and cayenne pepper. But if you don’t like your Indian too hot, don’t worry - this is a mild, creamy dish. 

Garlic Chicken Tikka: For our Garlic Chicken Tikka, we’ve given our regular Chicken Tikka an upgrade. We take Chicken breast pieces, marinate them in a medium-heat garlic sauce, and garnish the whole dish with coriander. 

Irani: Another mild dish, our Irani is similar to an original Kashmiri recipe. We switch out chicken breasts for thighs to create a lightly-spiced, exceptionally tender dish with a barbecue flavour.

Murgh Hari Boti: We use thigh meat for this dish too, but marinate the meat in yoghurt, before adding lemon and garlic, and rolling it in a blend of green leaves, coriander, shallots, herbs, and green chillies. The result is a mouthwatering, mildly-spiced dish. 

Kashmiri: The Kashmiri is the spiciest tandoori dish on offer at the Indian Ocean. We think you’d have to be pretty brave to try it! We use our own special blend of Madras spices to marinate our chicken for this exceptionally fiery dish.  

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