Our soon-to-be-launched Desi Menu is packed full of new and interesting dishes, many of which you will never have heard of before.

Take the chaat for example.  Do you know what a chaat is?  The new menu will have seven of these gorgeous dishes for you to choose from so we thought we better introduce you to them….

A chaat is a cold dish with fresh ingredients served in a small bowl to get the taste buds going.

A chaat would be served at the beginning of a meal, as pre starter.  If you think about it in familiar Indian meal terms, the chaat is eaten at the same place in the meal you would usually enjoy your poppadoms and chutneys.

These little dishes warm up your palate ready for the rest of your meal.  Here are our choices of chaats…..

Dahi Bhally
Colourful, herby and summery with a fresh aroma. Think a spicy potato salad with a falafel-like dumpling and you’re there. Fairly creamy. (Spice rating = 0)

Shahi Dahi Bhally
Colourful, sweet and creamy with a herby aroma. Crunchy vegetables, soft, chewy raisins, crumbly dumpling mixed with yogurt. (Spice rating = 0)

Aloo Channa Chaat
Reminiscent of golden, chunky chutney. A tangy, rich combination of chickpeas, potato, tamarind and spice. Sweet and savoury in equal measures. (Spice rating = 1)

Aloo Paddi Chaat
Packed with flavour and texture. Chickpeas, potato, kidney beans and onion with subtle spice, a touch of yogurt and a sweet sauce topped with samosa pastry for extra crunch. Light and refreshing. (Spice rating = 1)

Aloo Paddi Chaat         Aloo Paddi Chaat

Fruit Chaat
At first glance, a fruit salad. Subtle spice takes away the sweetness for an unusual, almost savoury but moreish taste. A palate cleanser. (Spice rating = 1)

Shahi Fruit Chaat
Attractive and textured. Strawberries, banana and pomegranate feature with nuts and yogurt. Makes for a ripe, fresh, clean, smooth and creamy dish. (Spice rating = 1)

Bombay Mix Chaat
This is a fresh ingredient version of its name sake. Bright and vibrant cucumber and sweet corn dominate with a topping of dry Bombay mix. Fresh and crunchy with a spicy kick. (Spice rating = 2)

Which one will you try first when our Desi Meni is launched later in the summer?