We’re planning something a bit silly for April Fools Day – who’s with us?!

We’ve created an unusual menu with some unlikely ingredients. Things that sound like they shouldn’t work, but do! Think Willy Wonka meets the Indian Ocean and you’re about there.

But don’t worry. The dishes have been tried and tasted, we haven’t just thrown them together. The combinations complement each other and actually taste really good!

Don’t believe us? See for yourself…

If you’re up for a laugh, and trying something truly unique then join us Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd April and order from our April Fools Day menu.

Far far (Pakistani poppadom) served with banana & chilli chutney

Gherkin chaat – with chickpeas, kidney beans and subtle spice. We’ll be adding a touch of yogurt, sweet apricot chutney and crumbled samosa pastry for extra crunch.

Mushy pea samosa – lovely traditional samosa pastry stuffed with lightly spiced mushy peas.

A sweet and spicy baked bean bhaji made with onions, chillies and spices

Tripe Karahi, beautifully prepared with traditional Punjabi spices the dish has a thick consistany and not too much sauce. Served in a giant Yorkshire pudding.

Peanut butter & jam samosa – believe us, this sweet, gooey combination works! We’ll be serving this as a dessert.

Gherkin chaat Baked bean bhaji Tripe Karahi Peanut butter & jam samosas Peanut butter & jam samosas