You know how we always want to improve our service and welcome feedback? Well, we wanted your honest opinion on restaurant waiting times.

It’s important to us to stay on top of our game and regularly review our service and where we can improve. Yes, we’ve been doing this a long time but it doesn’t harm to get some feedback every now and again.

Let’s start with waiting for a table…

If you’ve NOT booked, how long would you be willing to wait for a table?

If you HAVE booked a table, how long is acceptable to wait in the bar to be seated?

How about the ordering process….

If you are in a restaurant (any restaurant) and have been seated at the table, how long would you expect to wait for a drinks order to be taken and to arrive?

From being handed a menu to your order being taken – how long is a reasonable time to wait?

Let’s move on to waiting for your food to arrive….

So, your order has been taken and you’re waiting for your starters – how long would you expect to wait?

If you haven’t ordered starters, how long is acceptable to wait for your main course to arrive?

Your starters have been cleared. How long should you wait for your main course to be served?

Last one….

Does being in a larger party, of say 12 or more, make any difference to the amount of time you are happy to wait for food and/or orders to be taken?

We’ll use your comments to adjust our service going forward. Watch this space….