What goes into making a curry?  Onions, garlic and ginger usually, some spices, a few fresh ingredients and optional meat.  That’s it right?


Making a good curry is about much more than the ingredients.  It’s how you use them and what you do with them that matter.  It’s a delicate art to balance all those flavours and spices.  Too much or too little and the essence is lost.

We know they make it look easy but our chefs have spent years perfecting their craft.  For those of you that have had a tour of our kitchen (and any of you are welcome to), you’ll have seen how they casually throw ingredients into the pans, but they are seasoned professionals and know the measurements and quantities like the back of their hand.

Each dish is individually made to order.  Yes, a few items are pre diced, chopped, marinated and sealed but you couldn’t make as many curries as we do without any preparation.

But the beauty of making a curry individually means it is also spiced individually, and this means it can be altered to your taste.

Don’t be scared of asking for changes!  If there’s something in a dish description you don’t like or aren’t sure about, tell us.  Or if you do like the sound of a dish but the spice rating looks too high, ask us to make it a little milder for you.

A lot of pride and expertees go into making a curry at the Indian Ocean and we hope you enjoy each and every dish we serve you.