At the Indian Ocean, we want you to be able to enjoy everything you eat guilt-free. Because we know that eating healthily is important, we offer several types of chicken tikka.

Tikka is a healthy way of eating your favourite Indian cuisine because the meat is cooked in a vertical tandoor, so that the fat runs down into the base of the oven. This results in succulent, roasted chicken, without the fat that comes with frying. Served on its own, without a creamy sauce, we can make a reduced-fat dish without reducing flavour.

Knowing that healthy food has a bit of a reputation for being bland and boring, we have made sure that our tandoori food offers everything that you would expect from the Indian Ocean, incorporating several different Indian styles.

We’ve included a quick guide below so you know what’s what in the world of tandoori:

Chicken Tikka: Our regular Chicken Tikka involves marinating chicken breast in yoghurt and cayenne pepper. It’s mild, so don’t worry if you don’t like it too hot!

Garlic Chicken Tikka: With our Garlic Chicken Tikka, we take our regular Chicken Tikka up a notch. Chicken breast pieces are marinated in a medium-heat garlic sauce and garnished with coriander.

Irani: Swapping breast meat for chicken thighs, the Irani is especially tender, with a lightly spiced barbecue flavour. This mild dish is somewhat reminiscent of an original Kashmiri recipe.

Murgh Hari Boti: We use thigh meat marinated in yoghurt for our Murgh Hari Boti, a mildly-spiced dish flavoured with lemon and garlic and rolled in a blend of green leaves, herbs, coriander, shallots and green chillies.

Kashmiri: For those of you who like a bit of a kick, our Kashmiri Chicken Tikka is our hottest tandoori dish. It’s marinated in our own special blend of Madras spices for a spice hit you won’t get anywhere else!

For great Indian food without having to worry about your waistline, pop along to the Indian Ocean and try one of these dishes!