Hands up if you over ate during the Christmas break!

If like many you feel you want to lose a pound or two in the new year, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the good grub from the Indian Ocean.

It’s a misconception that curries and Indian food are bad for you.  In fact, in India the majority of the population follow a healthy vegetarian diet with lots of fresh vegetables, herbs and spices used to create many of the day-to-day dishes eaten in Indian homes.  Fatty meats, heavy sauces and fried starters such as onion bhaji’s and samosa’s are what gives Indian food a bad name in the dietary stakes.

Here we’re going to give you the inside track on what meals on the Indian Ocean menu are better for your waistline this January….

As a general rule of thumb, anything cooked in the tandoor is better for you.  This includes all our tandoori starters:

The technique of tandoori cooking involves skewering the meat and placing it in the vertical clay tandoor oven.  This process naturally draws out any fat from the meat down into the base of the oven, resulting in clean yet juicy pieces of meat.

Combine this with some boiled or pilau rice, a chapati as opposed to a more fattening naan bread, a salad or a side dish of sag aloo and you’ve got yourself a well balanced, delicious Indian meal.

If you simply have to have a curry, go for spinach or tomato-based sauces over creamy ones (no korma’s allowed!) for a dose of vitamins and antioxidents and choose a leaner meat option such as chicken, prawns or fish in place of fatty meat like lamb.

Tempted?  We’ll see you in the restaurant soon!