In-line with our commitment to providing our existing and future customers with the best possible service, we're proud to announce the launch of our brand new website! Re-developed from the ground up with a focus on expandability and user-friendliness, we'll be implementing a diverse range of high-tech gadgetry over the coming days and weeks, including video uploads, voting systems, and much more.

As the award-winning 'best Indian restaurant in the North West', we strive to continuously enhance our customers' experiences, going all-out not just with our award-winning menus but across every aspect of our service. We don't want to just be known as 'that Indian restaurant with the amazing food', but also as 'the Indian restaurant which created its own online community and revolutionised the food industry'.

You're only looking at a 'beta' version of the site right now, which means it's not quite finished and not all of the new features have been implemented just yet. Watch this space, because we’re going to be adding features and enhancing the site's functionality as time goes on, with an aim to becoming the world's greatest site dedicated to Indian cuisine.

Stay tuned!

Faithfully yours,
All the team at The Indian Ocean Restaurant.