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Michael Bublé tribute act

  15 May 2014

  Do you have Crazy Love for Michael Bublé?  Get ready to feel the same way about Alex Christy. A superb tribute act to the Canadian crooner, Alex has nailed everything about Bublé's performance; fantastic vocals, confidence, relaxed stage presence, audience interaction and even some cheeky humour! A fan of Sinatra and the swing music genre from an early age, it was only when sixteen year old Alex saw Ray Quinn performing swing on Saturday night TV he became really inspired. &nb.....Read More

Desi Tea recipe

  02 May 2014

  Bored of your regular cup of English breakfast tea? Spice it up, literally, with an infusion of delicate spices from your store cupboard. We make and drink desi tea in the restaurant all the time.  It’s on the menu too if you ever wanted to try it after a meal.  But it’s so easy to make at home too. Using a regular black tea bag, add fennel, star anise, cinnamon and cardamom, milk and sugar. For each cup allow: - 1 tea bag - 10 small pieces of fennel - 1/4 star anise - 2cm stick of .....Read More

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