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Signature Specialities

  26 July 2019

Signature Specialities The Indian Ocean restaurant offers a selection of mouthwatering signature dishes hand-crafted by our chefs to showcase their skills and passion in the kitchen.  For our King Prawn Tandoori Masala, our chefs season juicy king prawns with salt and pepper before marinating them in grated ginger, crushed garlic, lime juice, ground chilli pepper and yoghurt. The tikka prawns are then cooked in a rich but mild masala sauce, perhaps the best known and most popular dish in Indian cuisine.  Ou.....Read More

Perfect Puri and Platters

  22 July 2019

Perfect Puri and Platters At perhaps the finest indian restaurant Tameside has to offer, the Indian Ocean, we have over twenty-five mouthwatering starters, including a selection of Puri dishes. But we’re often asked what Puri actually is. We thought we’d put together this quick guide to explain. So What Is It? Puri is a type of small, circular, hot, unleavened bread. It is extremely versatile and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and can either be served sweet or savoury. The bread also appear.....Read More

Tasty Tikka at the Indian Ocean

  12 July 2019

Tasty Tikka at the Indian Ocean At the Indian Ocean, we serve a range of delicious tandoori tikka dishes. Not only do they taste fantastic, they’re also some of the healthiest Indian dishes available. Why are they so healthy? Traditional tikka dishes, like those we serve at the Indian Ocean, are cooked in a vertical tandoor, meaning that any fat in the meat runs down into the base of the oven. The chicken becomes tender and succulent, but loses most of the fat that would be present if the meat had been fried. W.....Read More

We’re party pros!

  11 July 2019

Parties At the Indian Ocean, we’re party pros! We know how time-consuming it can be to organise the perfect event. That’s why we have our very own experienced, professional and friendly in-House Party Organisers, to make your special occasion even more memorable. To help us help you to plan the perfect event, all we need you to do is tell us what kind of evening you want and how many guests you plan on bringing along with you. That’s it - we can do the rest! We provide impeccable service, a tailor ma.....Read More

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