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Thali time!

  24 February 2015

Can anyone tell us what this is?   How about when it looks like this?!   That’s right, it’s an ?Indian thali?. And after testing, tasting and tweaking, they’re coming soon to the Indian Ocean. Yey!   A thali? is an Indian meal made up of a selection of various dishes served in small bowls which are placed on a round steel tray. We’re introducing them as a Thursday night special in March, keep your eyes peeled for them!   Did you like this article? Sha.....Read More

Restaurant waiting times

  17 February 2015

You know how we always want to improve our service and welcome feedback? Well, we wanted your honest opinion on restaurant waiting times. It’s important to us to stay on top of our game and regularly review our service and where we can improve. Yes, we’ve been doing this a long time but it doesn’t harm to get some feedback every now and again. Let’s start with waiting for a table… If you’ve NOT booked, how long would you be willing to wait for a table? If you HAVE booked a table,.....Read More

A look behind the scenes: Fresh tandoori nan

  06 February 2015

We take you behind the scenes into the Indian Ocean kitchen to discover how some of our best loved foods are made. By far, the most exciting item in an Indian kitchen is the tandoor. This huge clay oven weighs a ton and gets up to temperatures of 400°C! It’s used to cook our beautiful manrinated tandoori meats in minutes, as well as the many Indian breads on offer. A look behind the scenes: Fresh tandoori nan Here we show you just how quickly nan breads are cooked in the tandoor, and how many can be co.....Read More

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